Steve Macky Fetish Photoshoot

I adored this shoot so much! This was a hard, nitty gritty fetish shoot that I had been looking so long for. Steven doesn’t shout enough about what he can do and really needs some kind of online portfolio to show off! Steve and I hit it off straight away – helped when I arrived, by his adorable pooches.


Steve had a brilliant set for fetish photography already made up in his house and I made great use of it in turning it into a dominatrix’s pony girl play pen.

This has to be one of my favourite images ever because it is just so weird, and it isn’t of me at all – it is all about the idea. Steve just happened to have the “Encyclopaedia of ordinary things” and I thought – yes, that is exactly what this needs, this is exactly what fetish is all about. So I precariously sat in this dated styled room, like I had stepped right out of the 70’s, clad in PVC, leather and my face entirely covered with a rubber asphyxiation mask, sitting very neatly and reading this crazy book.


I wore plastic kat latex for the bathroom shoot, deep red stockings, bra, panties and gloves – and I found out that Steve is a dab hand at putting latex on people very easily – there was talc everywhere! We started off with a clean bathroom, then introduced an idea Steve had had for a while. He concocted a brew of the most realistic theatrical blood I had ever seen, and then merged it with a half-tonne of silver glitter. Originally he only intended for me to put a little bit in my mouth, but I ended up filling my mouth entirely and drowning myself in this stick solution. It stained everything, but I made sure to clean up as much as I physically could during my shower! There was no way I could have left the bathtub in that mess.

Our next shoot will be oriental shibari and perverted school girl goodness – so stay tuned…and feel free to submit ideas or help us purchase props to make it happen!


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