The therapy services in hull put me on a 4 week stress management course. I completed the first week on the 11th Jan. The letter said the sessions would be an hour and a half long, however my session was only an hour long with a ten minute break included in the time. I was given a folder of questions to complete which was the same generic questions that anyone in the mental health system will be familiar with ie “in the past two weeks have you felt any of the follow, please rat on a scale of 1-10”. The idea is that they can log your answers over the 4 week period to see if you have improved on your answers. We then had the lights turned off and watched a presentation. The lady presenting only read out the words already written on the slides and gave out basic stress information and covered the definitions and symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. She played three videos, one was so vague and short that I cant remember what it even covered.


GAD and Panic Disorder


Another went over two differences between Panic Disorder and GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder), Panic Disorder by the way is what I felt I connected with more so that was a fairly educational video, and the video “I have a black dog, his name is depression” which hurt me.


I had a black dog, its name was depression


The end of the session was very abrupt, where they turned the lights back on and said “right we will see you next week”, so going froma warm, dark, sleepy room with little brain function for an hour was a bit of a start to bright lights and suddenly everyone leaving.


They did give us “activity sheets” to complete throughout the week though, which sounded really promising to me. However when I got them home and took a good look, I realised I felt like I was an art major in a kindergarten class. Now I understand I am a special case in that my problems are deep routed and dangerous, whereas the other people their might have just been dealing with some hard times or otherwise. We got a list of useful websites, which I am sure may come in handy when I start becoming more motivated to battle this disease and go looking for resources and study without guidance. We also got a booklet that in a very BBC way, went over what stress is and basically rewrote the presentation we watched. The “Activities” they had wanted us to complete for the week was just a ticky box list of “tick the ones that effect you”. To which only three our of three pages didn’t effect me.


So ultimately, a bit underwhelmed, but I am prepared to go for the whole term and give it the benefit of the doubt. I think I am also going to do a separate post on the hand outs we got back, translate some of the research into ways I understand them – this blog is for me after all, and if it helps me think more about myself then it must be good.


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