Michael Smalley Photoshoot Saturday 25th June 2016

Hi guys! Quick one for you today. On Saturday 25thth June I had the pleasure of working with an unsung photographer from Hartlepool, Michael Smalley @msmalleyphoto on instagram. He picked me up and we shot off to Lumley Castle which is really close to where I live, and I figures is a pretty unique location for people not from the area. The sun was shining, there was no wind and it was gloriously hot that morning. I arranged three outfits four our hour and a half shoot, one, an icy blue ensemble, and what ended up being the next and last outfit was an all ivory lace and sheer mesh outfit with thigh high black platform boots.

I was pleasantly surprised by Michael’s formality, he was very polite and even confessed to being slightly intimidated. Poor guy! However, once we got shooting everything became so relaxed, fun and easy going. He had me in big flower bushes, chasing bees and putting flowers in my mouth (my suggestions of course). One very memorable moment was speaking before I thought, when I was trying to get the bees on me to get them in shot “Bees! Come on my face!’.

Michael was inspired by fairy tale, fantasy fashion photography, and work from the likes of Bella Kotak. When I got this image back as the first result from the shoot I was really blown away by the richness of the colours. I would highly recommend Michael (and have already) to models looking for real quality work.

I loved working with Michael so much that after our allocated time was up, we went down to my local farm to see if we could get some shots with the horses – they were too busy chewing on fences sadly. I am definitely going to have to book another shoot with this man as we didn’t get a selfie together or take nearly as many bts photos as needed!

Peace out~

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