I seem to have a habit for doing really ridiculously cold photoshoots, or just have no regard for my own health and safety when it comes to what is needed to get a great shot. I had wanted to do a nigh time shoot in Newcastle China Town for years and ran the idea past my friend Chris at Grime and Glamour – he was all for the idea, being a street photographer himself and having a new piece of lighting kit he wanted to try out.


It was pitch black at 6pm by the time we met up (remember this was the middle of winter!), and he had brought his son along to assist, who was a great help for holding the new ultra-bright movie LED light as we opted for ambient light rather than flashes for the really street style effect.


It was my first time wearing high heels really, and they were old, the kind you buy to go with your prom dress when you are 16 so don’t really have any idea what you are buying or what you are capable of handling. So middle of winter and ridiculously high heels = painfully numb feet which were bright red by the end of the shoot and I couldn’t feel them. I was so happy to get my comfy trainers on when we were done at about 9pm! In some of the shots I am able to see my breath as a gauge for how cold it was – it made for a really cool effect in my opinion.


Styling wise, I was wearing a Sparklewren Pheonix corset in black to keep my oversized Taiwanese shirt in place (wrong culture, I know, I am disappointed too). I paired it with a pencil skirt, for a high class street walk look. Who didn’t know I was in to the street walking dominatrix look though? I went for very vibrant blue eyes to match the shirt and ensure the makeup really stood out in the dark at any available light.


After the shoot, I parted ways and popped into my friend Jez’s Surprise Birthday party. Jez is the guy behind ancestor Leathercrafts with his brother and have created some of my original fetish props so he deserves a round of applause on that alone 😉


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