Custom Decal Nails To Order

I started making custom fake nails at the beginning of the year as a creative outlet, and it turned into a great little way to earn some pocket money during a difficult time, crafting the nails from an abundance of supplies that I have collected over the years and continuously add to because “ooo shiny”. At £25 a pop for both hands, I have been creating decal nails encrusted with Swarovski crystals and creating different effects – so far my clients have been mostly photographers or makeup artists and models, wanting the nails for photoshoots. Which is great for me because I get loads of lovely pictures back!

I have done cutesy, kawai, Japanese styled nails, aurora borealis, party nails, rainbows, steampunk – more than I have photos for and I can’t wait to get making more and showing them off on my new blog right here. If you are interested in a pair – just drop me a message!

So far I have been able to craft a full set within a week, but would allow up to two weeks just in case – but I am more than happy to consider rush orders too for a little extra. Each set also comes with its own hand made custom presentation box.

This is my first photoshoot promoting the custom nails in my classic, go to style that elongates the nail even further.

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