Beach and Craft Day with Aphrodite Images 26th June 2016 Sunday

I had a great day after a bad night, hanging out with my great friend Laura. We had homemade butternut Squash soup, played with cats and discussed much gossip revolving around modelling competitions, business plans and upcoming shoots. I had made her a gift of custom false “Kawai” decal nails, a Geisha notebook, matching diary and made her a little origami geisha doll too as a thanks for all the great stuff she has done for me <3.

We went to Seaham Beach to enjoy the hot weather and also go beach skimming in search for some shoot props for a project she has coming up – it included many skeletons, crabs and starfish! Laura found a dehydrated starfish and since she didn’t have the heart to take it home, popped it back in the water and it came back to life! We got in the car to go home, and immediately another storm started – and continued to rage all night.
We were supposed to make some dread locks, but were so pooped after the beach we opted for organising my wig collection, now a good half of my 50+ strong collection lies with her as she works her splicing and styling magic to make them into something new, exciting and ready for shoots!

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