The name Sway comes from a childhood Character that represented everything a shy girl wanted to be. Now, it represents a brand of this shy girl, allowing her to act and think how she always wanted to. The brand is a brand and not so much a name because of everything offered under the umbrella. Sway is not just a model. She has been dubbed many times by many different people as their muse, their creative inspiration – a new lease on their projects. Sway also is a designer and creator of costume and wardrobe, providing the opportunity for other photographers and artists to use more theatrical and hard to find styling and wardrobes for something extra special and unique. 

Sway is the result of a someone coming out on top after a hard journey, and wants to provide inspiration to other people who are struggling in their own ways.
She maintains her figure with regular working out, weights and running and by attending slimming world, which was the initial confidence provider after she lost two stone on the program. In no way does Sway “diet” or seek a thin stature, she is well aware of her body builder shape, and works hard to become a strong and capable athlete by maintaining a weight around 60kg.
Sways regular diet and exercise regime can be found here:

“Not only did she bring a fantastic, fun attitude to the shoot but she also had an amazing wardrobe to create the perfect pastel boudoir shoot.”

“A natural talent that can only get better with each shoot.”

“Full of energy and totally professional Sway embraced every look i wanted. A passionate creative young lady.”

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